Media Log :)


Vance’s favorite music video is Love Story by Taylor Swift.

   The symbolism I found on this music video are the following: First is the white horse in the garden. It symbolizes the desire to go away from her home. It symbolizes the girl’s desire to escape that place. Next is the lantern which symbolizes their love for each other that even in the darkness of the night they will find a way just to meet each other. Lastly, the statue of the angel. It symbolizes that when we are in doubt of our partner we should not lose hope but have faith instead.

   The choreography of the music video is excellent. It is excellent because the actors and actresses executed their moves flawlessly. a good example for this is the dance at the beginning of the video. They portrayed the meaning of the lyrics gracefully. Overall, the choreography is almost perfect because just by looking at their actions we could tell the meaning of the song.

   The lyrics of the song is good. It portrays a specific story of a man and a woman. The lyrics is deep and heartfelt. It does not contain words that are very deep. It is understandable and not redundant.

   The story of the music video is about a woman who loved a man but her father does not approve their relationship. Because of that they meet every night in the garden of the woman’s house to meet each other. Then the woman is losing hope on their relationship but the man surprised her and proposed to the girl. The girl reminded the boy about her father who does not agree with their relationship. after that the man told the woman that he already talked to her dad and its all sorted out. In the end, they lived happily ever after.

  The message of the song is that love story like this could exist in reality. It just take a lot of patience faith and , most importantly, love. The song tells us that we should not give up on what we love and instead fight for it.

   Vance picked this song because he had a similar experience with the story in the song.

Explore: Manila to Mindanao documentary review

The documentary we watched last time was a great film. It displays the different cultures and lifestyle of Filipinos. As an example, the documentary featured Ms. Imelda Marcos and her assets. Another example is the Badjaos who live on the sea. AS said in the documentary, the Badjaos pollute the sea that’s why the government is asking them to leave their place and settle on land instead. Also, the film contained details about some of the famous places in the Philippines such as the Banawe Rice Terraces and the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. According to the documentary, the Banawe Rice Terraces is gradually deteriorating and the children of the farmers refuse to get involved because they believe that they will have better life in Manila instead. The film also featured Manila and the different lifestyles & traditions. An example of this is the featured people who live in the cemeteries in Manila and the devotion of the people to the Black Nazarene. Lastly, it featured Mindanao and the Muslims living there. In one of the interview in the film they said that they want peace but does not want to give up the war.

The author of the documentary is Steve Condie. He created the film “Explore: Manila to Mindanao”. It is a documentary wherein Simon Reeves leads a team of journalists on a journey of discovery in the Philippines, from staggering scenery of the mountainous rice terraces in the north, to the war-torn Muslim regions of the south. Steve Condie is a good author. He is a reliable source of documentaries and films like this one.

With regard to the format of the film, I’ll say that it is good. The idea of the documentary was presented clearly and not in a confusing manner. The presentation of scenes was good and it does not bore the audience. It shows the ideas from shallow issues to the deeper ones. The film’s ethos pathos and logos was successfully used to convince me as one of his audience. Why? Simply because they presented the actual thing and they used live interviewees as their supporting detail. Overall, the presentation and the format of the documentary are excellent. Excellent in a way that it has vivid explanation and if there are vague parts, it is only few and can be easily understood by critical thinking.

The target audience of the film is the people who have interest in society and how it works. Also, this documentary could be advisable for foreigners, not specifically tourists, so that they may gain more background information about our country, the Philippines. In my opinion, the documentary could also be for students so that they may be enlightened in some issues in our society.

The message that the author of the documentary is trying to tell us is that every country has its own unique cultures and lifestyles. A good example of this is the people living in the cemetery and the Badjaos on the seas. The message of the film is that we could help solve our problems in our society if we dare to be involved and try to make a difference.

The films purpose is to enlighten its audience. They do this by giving facts and sharing their firsthand experience regarding the topic itself. They give out facts by going to the Philippines and interview its citizens about the issue they are going to explain. Also I think that the purpose of this documentary is to inform people, not only Filipinos but even foreigners that even though there are some social issues in the country it is still a good place to stay. The journalists did this by showing the lifestyle of people specially Ms. Imelda Marcos. She is a symbol for Filipino elegance and she shows that even in not so wealthy countries we could still live in an extravagant manner.

I therefore conclude that the film we watched last week was an informative and reliable source of information. It is not biased. I conclude that the film’s main purpose is to inform people and not to discriminate the country. I said this because they do not have any bad comments on the country but rather they comment on the issue only. The documentary was great. There are lots of values and ethics that could also be found in it. Lastly, I conclude that this film is helpful for students like me to be aware of what is going on in the society.

Entry # 4

     These are some examples of mistakes in advertisements and other products that are sold. As you can see in the first picture it says there “Drink all you can Tea for every meal order”. The statement lacks a period which makes it wrong. The next picture says “Be More Efficient with this Wireless Network and Compact Inkjet Multi-Function Centre with Fax”. From our first look on it, we will notice a very obvious mistake. The mistake was simple but it is very important, capitalization. Capitalization is important to know what is the proper noun from the improper noun and also to distinguish the beginning of a sentence.

The Book :D

     This is a book by Seth Grahame-Smith entitled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. The story is about the life of Abraham Lincoln, the former president of America, but in this book there is a little twist in the story. In the book, Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter. He didn’t only fight for democracy but also he fought against vampires. 

     The story started when Abraham was just a boy. When he was young his mother was murdered by a vampire. Since then, his hate against vampires begun. As he grows up, he trained hard to be able to fight and slay a vampire. He met a friend and found out that it was also a vampire. This friend of his trained him special techniques and the weaknesses of vampires. Abraham was training for the purpose of revenge. He later then fell inlove and then became interested in politics. Then he was elected as president then he waged war against the vampires.

     The story was good and I learned many good values from it. I learned from that book that we should face our problems rather than run away from them. The message of the story, in my opinion, is that: if we have the ability to act then we have the responsibility to act.


     This article is written by Rochelle Pangilinan. The article is about the change and development of the fm radio broadcasting style. The author of this article is saying that the older format of radio braodcasting is better than the masa format which is the new style of radio programs. This new program contains parts with games, commercials and most of all there is the part where the DJ gives advice to his callers.

     The author’s technique to express his thoughts about the topic is by giving examples of the conversations of the DJ and his caller. The article is saying that the masa format is not advisable because that format shows meaningless information such as the problems of other people regarding their love life and others. The author also pointed out that it is a waste of time and irritating to open the radio and just hear a dj screaming out of worthless lines.

     Our media reflects on our society. If the radio stations keep broadcasting nonsense on air, I think that it is not a good reflection for our society. The author believes this point of view and it is the message of this text.

Vacation <3


     Last year, me and my family went to Bohol for our summer vacation. It was a very happy and unforgettable experience. We stayed there for four days and three nights. The island of Bohol was so rich in natural resources as well as tourist spots and other attractions. The island has still plenty of trees and has fresh air. It was an ideal place to stay for a vacation.

     During our stay there we visited the famous chocolate hills. At the top the hill you will see more hills that is chocolate colored. It was my favorite part of the trip. It is thrilling yet relaxing once you’ve reached the top. Another part of the trip that I liked the most was our tour at the place where the Tarsiers are kept and taken care of. That part of the trip amazed me. It was so cool to meet the smallest monkeys in the world.

     After our trip during mornings and afternoons when we got back to our rooms, we rest a little then we went to the beach. The beach at Bohol is clean and beautiful. The water is clear and does not have garbage floating in it.  There are also lot of activities you can do at the beach like: beach volleyball, you can have a massage there too and build sand castles.

     At night time, dinner at the restaurants at the beach. The food was so delicious there. Our vacation at Bohol was so memorable it gave me lots of fun memories and experience. If I will be given the chance, I would still like to visit it again.